Monday, January 11, 2010

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Am I gay or just afraid of men? S ' It ' m please help? Im a teenager. Since I was a kid ' d ' was afraid of my father (he suffers from depression and aggressive HES), and having been victim of bullying ' l ' Primary School & j # 39; boys were scared too. Ive always been afraid of boys my age, and terrified by men who were my fathers, l ' age, but strangely, I ' ve always been desperate for it ' s please my male teachers and loved much more than women teachers. J ' were desperate ' s you like to boys who were a little older than me, but were much more confident and overbearing that I wanted their attention, but at the same time, j ' ve been terrified by them. J ' have often had what I thought at the time were ' crushes on male teachers and older male knowledge, but only if they didn't like me or were mean to me. If they were nice and I liked it, I wasn't ' s interest in them at all. With hindsight, however, I think it ' was sexual at all. All my friends are kind of a tomboy or less-girly girls and some boys who are very feminine (probably Gay) and also younger than me. I still love them with all my friends. Ive had a few relationships with guys my age, but in short I don ' have agreed to go out with them because I wanted to prove that I wasn't gay. I wasn't attracted to them all dumped and they ' m when I wouldnt have that they ' I ' d kiss more than once (he was just evil) / ive kissed a few girls the lips and tongue made a couple of my best friends, just joking around, but I've loved the most ' d ' kiss my little friends. I ogle boys and girls, mostly boys, but I ' especially likes girls who look more like the guy. I didn't think I was gay in the past, I just didn't like the boys, but now Im not sure. I think Im attracted personalities guys, but not their bodies. Every time I see / meet a girl with a very masculine personality, I get a helping heart to correct her. If I see a vagina or crazy, I do Excited ' d like to imagine a guy would. Doesn't Turn Me On, well penis / I prefer f / f porn, but to see someone ' one like Jordan and Jenna Jameson naked on a poster doesn't do anything for me at all. Im so confused. Am I gay or straight, but just afraid of men? Or are lesbians attracted to different things on women than men?
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